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Coperni, the brand created by the duo Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, was born in 2013. Named in homage to the astronomer Nicolas Copernic, whose bold and revolutionary ideas marked his era.

Today, for them, the great exploration of our generation is the Internet!

They draw inspiration from the digital world in which we live to design a futuristic, unique and timeless fashion, but also from the scientific advances of our generation to once again create something different.


The Parisian fashion house created a worldwide sensation with an unforgettable performance featuring Bella Hadid, renowned for her innovative spirit. In this performance, she underwent a spectacular metamorphosis, going from near-nudity to an outfit consisting of a dress painted directly onto her body.

This made-to-measure garment is created using an innovative liquid made from cotton fibers and a polymer solution. When the liquid comes into contact with the skin, it evaporates to create a real piece of clothing. Thanks to this daring approach, the Parisian fashion house has captured the attention of young luxury consumers around the world, generating a real buzz.


Although the show had its own finale, it was just as surprising. There were pieces with asymmetrical cut-outs, ultra-strong shoulders, metallic seams and our favorite, the holographic floral motifs interpreted on many pieces.


Today, the Swipe bag is the brand's best-seller. Minimal and geometric, it takes the shape of the IPhone's lock button. The brand's ultimate object of desire, it comes in a variety of formats, and has won over customers with its recognizable shape. All It-Girls confirm its status as the new It-Bag.

Kylie Jenner muse 2.0 ?

Another master stroke from Coperni, which is establishing its digital presence thanks to the power of social networking icon Kylie Jenner. Following the Autumn-Winter 2023 fashion shows, the house presents us with a photo shoot featuring sensational looks from the collection.

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