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Timeless refinement - Dive into the world of Quiet Luxury!

Quiet Luxury - what is it?

"Quiet Luxury" is a relatively recent fashion trend that has been shaking up the fashion industry lately. It has emerged in response to the changing preferences and values of today's consumers.

campagne publicitaire de ferragamo pour leur collection automne-hiver 2023-2024.  6 mannequin habillé de blanc rouge et noir dans une ambiance backstage avec un tableau de l'époque renaissance en fond

Since the habits of young consumers have been influenced by the rise of streetwear and its success, it will take time for this understated elegance of "Quiet Luxury" to take root, as consumer habits are evolving gradually.

This new wave of subtle sophistication and impeccable cuts stands out from the ostentatious designs of the past. Quiet Luxury remind us that the true luxury is not limited to logos but is expressed trough brands that prioritize quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. It's a comeback, sweeping away the effects of streetwear, for young consumers seeking a chic and refined look.

So-called "quiet" pieces are designed to transcend seasons and withstand the test of time, encouraging us to favor timeless pieces that will accompagny us over the years. Quiet Luxury, by rejecting the excesses of streatwear, appeals to a new generation of consumers in search of subtle elegance.

However, it is essential to not that the adoption of Quiet Luxury can vary depending on where one lives. While metropolises like New York and Milan embrace this subtle sophistication, cities like Lyon or small provincial towns may follow their own pace. Social habits and local prefernces play a crucial role in sartorial changes.

Dive into the world of Quiet Luxury, where each garment is carefully chosen for its ability to transcend trends, creating a chic and effortless look.

Discover our selection of pieces that will accompagny you trough the seasons:

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