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Discover Blumarine, the most romantic Italian house in Lyon, and on our website!

Blumarine was founded in 1977 by Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini. Their creations are feminine, romantic and a touch sensual, just like their founder! Nicknamed the Queen of Roses, she was the most inspiring and elegant designer of the day. From this image they developed an identity that reflected their very Italian lifestyle.


Designer Nicola Brognano gives the house a new interpretation and a new lease of life. His first show as Artistic Director of the house presented a renaissance of the 2000s, and sent shivers through Milan's spring fashion week. Yet his collections remained true to the aesthetic and roots of the house, which has always been both sensual and romantic.

Thanks to her talent, the Blumarine name is once again thrilling the fashion world.

Spring Summer 2023 : The mermaid !

The Spring-Summer 2023 collection presents The Mermaid as a new incarnation of the Blumarine girl. Nicolas Brognano presents a fairy tale of dark, modern mermaids with a gothic-romantic soul. Yet the 2000s inspiration that sparked the brand's attention remains firmly in place.

Discover the magical world of Blumarine and immerse yourself in our 100% romantic selection:

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